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Who we are

i2i is the organic synergy of the talent and experience of Abdurahman Afia and Ismail Abdur-Rahman, two dynamic performance coaches with extensive experience in the MENA and GCC regions totalling nearly 40 years.

Abdurahman Afia

Abdurahman Afia is a British expat who has been living in Saudi Arabia for nearly 20 years. An MBA holder with extensive experience managing cross-cultural and multi-generational teams, he is the founder of Insights with Afia, a management consulting firm leveraging his considerable regional experience to provide leadership development coaching that yields a 10x ROI for medium-sized companies and large corporations.


Ismail Abdur-Rahman

Ismail Abdur-Rahman is an American expat with a nearly 20-year track record of game-changing success in the MENA and GCC regions. Holding both an MBA and an MSc Finance, he is equal parts entrepreneur, strategy consultant, and leadership coach. His company, iVIBES, has been delivering value to SME clients all over the world for nearly a decade.


Our Values

At i2i, the most important thing is that we are human. And as such, we value our humanity and the humanity of our clients. That means that, first and foremost, we want to not just build rapport with our clients, but we want to develop meaningful relationships with our clients that outlive the business cycle.

We believe that all humans have the capacity for change, however uncomfortable that may be. It’s our mission to help facilitate the type of change in the people in your building that impacts the entire culture of the organization and ultimately drives greater organizational performance. After all, who wouldn’t like to have better performance?

An important extension of our value of humanity is that we recognize that people are not machines or robots, so we like to make the process of leadership development fun while we help you grow. Because we are aware that development is a process and not a destination, all we ask is that you trust us, trust the process, and enjoy the ride.


How We're Changing the Game

A lot has changed since the turn of the century. Unfortunately, there are many turnkey development programs that have not. The reality is that emerging leaders face challenges in today’s world that leadership experts couldn’t have predicted 20 years ago, so much of the methodology and content that is still being recycled is outdated and unlikely to resonate with professionals between the ages of 25 – 40 years old. The reality is that off-the-shelf programs aren’t going to be effective for millennials.


At i2i, we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in the leadership development game. In addition to our practical experience, we’ve done real research and discovered the approaches that are best suited to helping millennial leaders develop and grow and exceed their companies’ expectations.


We have a unique approach that leverages an agile methodology to create custom leadership development programs tailored to the needs of our client organizations. Our scaffolded approach blends virtual sessions with live-facilitated workshops, along with leadership and executive coaching to change the game for emerging leaders all over the world.


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